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Top 5 Nikon Scope Reviews

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Contents1 Nikon Scope Reviews1.1 Top 5 Nikon Scope Comparisons1.1.1 Nikon M-3081.1.2 Nikon P-2231.1.3 Nikon ProStaff 1.1.4 Nikon Monarch 71.1.5 Nikon ProStaff Rimfire1.2 What Makes Nikon Scopes So Popular?1.2.1 Excellent Light Transmission1.2.2 Support For Multiple Crosshair Styles1.2.3 Diverse Range Of Magnifications1.2.4 Intuitive Adjustment Features1.2.5 Consistent Eye Relief1.2.6 BDC / Nikon Spot On Program Support1.2.7 Weapon Specific Products1.2.8 Designed For Field Usage1.2.9 Lots Of Options In Terms Of Price1.2.10 Solid Warranty1.3 Top Rated Nikon Rifle Scope Reviews1.3.1 Nikon 4-16x42 M-308 Rifle Scope w/ BDC 800 Reticle1.3.1.1 Pros1.3.1.2 Cons1.3.2 Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600 Review1.3.2.1 Pros1.3.2.2 Cons1.3.3 Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Review1.3.3.1 Pros1.3.3.2 Cons1.3.4 Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50 SF Matte Advanced BDC1.3.4.1 Pros1.3.4.2 Cons1.3.5 Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40 Rimfire Matte BDC 1501.3.5.1 Pros1.3.5.2 Cons1.4 Conclusion Nikon Scope ReviewsBeyond a certain range, even the most skilled sharpshooter will require a riflescope to make their shots count. With numerous riflescopes being offered today by several different manufacturers, and in lots of different varieties, it can be a tough selecting the right one for your rifle and bullet configuration.The ideal manufacturer would be one that not only offers a wide range of scopes under its roof with lucid designations to differentiate them based on rifle type, bullet caliber and velocity, but also provides excellent quality and reliability across the board. Nikon Sport Optics is one such manufacturer that I’d like to bring your attention to, so I’ve created this guide about their offerings, along with some choice Nikon scope reviews to give you an idea of their diverse product line.Top 5 Nikon Scope ComparisonsModelMag. RangeOptimum Bullet CaliberReticle TypeWarrantyPriceRatings Nikon M-3084-16x / 427.62 NATO / .308 WIN w/ 168gr HPBTBDC 800Limited Lifetime Warranty$$$$ Nikon P-2233-9x / 40223 Rem /5.56 NATO w/ 55gr polymer tipBDC 600Limited Lifetime Warranty$$ Nikon ProStaff 4-12x / 40N/ABDC​Limited Lifetime Warranty$$$ Nikon Monarch 74-16x / 50N/ABDC w/ wind compensation​Limited Lifetime Warranty$$$$$ Nikon ProStaff Rimfire3-9x / 40.22LR RimfireBDC 150​Limited Lifetime Warranty$ What Makes Nikon Scopes So Popular?Nikon scopes have a reputation among seasoned competition shooters and hunters alike for being deadly accurate, crystal clear and built for rugged handling. The manufacturer has cultivated their reputation after years of research and development to bring their customers the best possible products for the money they spend, and they continue to push the boundaries of what field hunters can achieve with their rifles. Here are some of the most prominent features of Nikon rifle scopes which make them such a big hit with pros and newbies alike: Excellent Light TransmissionAll Nikon rifle scopes employ multi-coated optics, and the more advanced versions have an UltraCoat® Optical system. This ensures light transmission up to 95% and more, so you can use them reliably in a wide range of lighting situations, including dusk and dawn. Support For Multiple Crosshair StylesDiscretion plays a major role in determining the crosshair you’ll use. Purists tend to prefer conventional duplex reticles, whereas tactical, precise sharpshooters would rather go for advanced BDC reticles. Fortunately, Nikon produces its popular scopes in both flavors, so you don’t have to compromise on the crosshair style to enjoy them. Diverse Range Of MagnificationsWhether you’re a hunter who primarily takes prey down at (relatively) close range e.g. 100-200 yards, or a competitive marksman who takes shots at 500+ yard ranges, Nikon has got you covered in the magnification department. With scopes sporting lower magnification ranges from 1x to 6x, and upper magnification ranges from 2x to 24x, the manufacturer has given their clientele a lot of choice, so they can find a product that suits their hunting style. Intuitive Adjustment FeaturesThese rifle scopes come with tactile adjustment turrets to let you easily dial in for the perfect shot in the field. They provide feedback in the form of audible clicks as you change the MOAs as needed. Zero reset in the field is made easy thanks to spring loaded adjustment knobs which function instantly. Furthermore, side focus turrets are present to allow for the elimination of parallax. Consistent Eye ReliefThe quick-focus eyepiece incorporated into these scopes offers around 4” (practically 3.5”) of consistent eye relief, regardless of the mag setting you are using. This is enough to keep your brow safe from injury even when you’re using a recoil prone weapon / bullet caliber. BDC / Nikon Spot On Program SupportThe Spot On program is accessible via a smartphone app, and over a web browser, and lets you acquire optimal settings for your scope, based on various inputs such as bullet caliber, velocity, distance to target and so on. This means that you can use Nikon scopes with virtually any caliber and velocity, even when they are optimized for a specific bullet by default. Weapon Specific Products Besides their standard Monarch and ProStaff lines, Nikon offers scopes which are engineered specifically for various types of rifles. Their AR riflescopes are designed to work with nearly every AR Platform rifle out there and fully support Spot On Ballistic Match Technology. Their Rimfire riflescopes are optimized for rifles that use 22LR Rimfire ammunition.Their Muzzleloader Riflescopes help enthusiasts achieve the best results with these antique firearms.Their Handgun series’ rugged, recoil-proof designs and power range is optimized for professional handgun hunters.Their Varminter/Predator product line is geared towards calibers utilized in hunting these elusive, cunning targets, which can be hard to spot, and often appear close to sundown.Their SlugHunter/Shotgun Hunter series has been crafted to maximize the potential of even the most demanding shotgun hunters. Designed For Field Usage Nikon scopes are made to withstand intense field conditions – this holds true for even their lowest priced offerings. They are nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed to ensure fog-proofing, water-proofing and shock-proofing, and the more expensive ones have a single-piece main tube which ensures optimum structural integrity and minimal weight. Lots Of Options In Terms Of Price By offering products in a wide range of prices, the manufacturer shows a clear understanding of the fact that most hunters do not have access to an unlimited amount of cash. Their low-cost products are designed to provide quality optics and field performance while remaining exceptionally affordable, making them ideal for budget hunters and beginners. There are also products which offer a nice balance between affordability and premium features, such as the ProStaff line. Then, there are scopes that are unashamedly expensive (I’m looking at you, Monarch 7), but pack the very best features in the industry; they’re designed for the ultimate marksman.Solid Warranty Nikon backs their claims of quality and reliability with a limited lifetime warranty under which the manufacturer guarantees repairing / replacement of a defective rifle scope, without any charge, throughout its lifetime. Top Rated Nikon Rifle Scope Reviews Nikon 4-16x42 M-308 Rifle Scope w/ BDC 800 Reticle Price ($): 400.95Mag. Range / Lens Diameter (mm): 4-16x / 42 Optimum Bullet Caliber: 7.62 NATO / .308 WIN w/ 168gr HPBTReticle Type: BDC 800Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty This scope has been designed specifically to go with AR style modern sporting rifles that utilize the .308 Win / 7.62 NATO bullet caliber. It has the same advanced, high quality optics as Nikon’s Monarch line (fully multi-coated, Ultra ClearCoat® Optical System) that ensure up to 95% light transmission.The 16x 42mm maximum magnification means you can get a decent picture of a target that’s located as far as a .308 bullet can effectively go, and the 800 yard BDC reticle ensures you’ll score a first shot hit, by letting you lock on to the target precisely.Even if you’re not using the HPBT 168gr ammo for which the BDC reticle is optimized, Nikon’s Spot On Ballistic Match program facilitates long range shots by giving you precise subtension numbers for virtually any kind of bullet / velocity combination.Besides the tactical adjustment turrets, 4” consistent eye relief, sturdy construction (O-ring sealed, nitrogen filled) and a solid warranty - all high end features that are pretty much standard for Nikon products - this scope has a one-piece tube construction to enhance its structural strength and keep it lightweight. The M308 mount is included with it has a 20 MOA adjustment built into its base, to allow for extreme long range shooting. Pros Tailored for 7.62 NATO / .308 WIN AR shooters.Tailored for 7.62 NATO / .308 WIN AR shooters.Robust construction for intense field usage.BDC reticle, compatible with Spot On technology.Custom M308 mount adds 20 MOA to elevation potential.Brilliant light transmission, even in poor lighting. Cons Considerably pricey.Not suitable for close range hunting/shooting. Recommended For: If you want to maximize your effectiveness with an AR .308 WIN / 7.62 NATO chambered weapon, this scope is definitely a worthy candidate. Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600 Review Mag. Range / Lens Diameter (mm): 3-9x / 40 Optimum Bullet Caliber: 223 Rem /5.56 NATO w/ 55gr polymer tipReticle Type: BDC 600Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty This product has been designed for use with AR-15 rifles, in particular, those that utilize 55 grain polymer tipped 5.56 NATO / .223 REM bullets. Its BDC 600 reticle has been optimized for this bullet’s trajectory, up to 600 yards. Thanks to the Spot On Ballistic Match software though, you could use it successfully with other rifle/ammunition combinations as well.While the 3-9x 40mm magnification range and lens diameter combination manages to provide a decent picture for short to mid-long ranges when combined with the scope’s multi-coated optics, I did find the 9x upper limit to be a bit restrictive when it came to sighting extra-long range targets. The scope has an instant zero-reset feature, just like all other Nikon products, and lets you make precise, tactile ¼ MOA adjustments with turrets that hold your settings even through serious recoil.The P-223 is O-ring sealed and nitrogen filled so it can withstand wet/humid weather pretty well. Affordable pricing, a parallax adjustment knob, consistent eye relief, and limited lifetime warranty round it off as one of the best offerings in the market for AR-15 hunters. Pros Affordable, AR-15 specific rifle scope.BDC 600 reticle optimized for 5.56/.223 REM trajectory, compatible with Spot On technology.Excellent light transmission.3-9x40mm power range/lens diameter are effective for close to mid-long range encounters.Tactical and precise adjustment features. Cons Not suitable for extra-long range target sighting because of limited upper magnification limit. Recommended For: Affordable pricing, a parallax adjustment knob, consistent eye relief, and limited lifetime warranty round it off as one of the best offerings in the market for AR-15 hunters. Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Review Mag. Range / Lens Diameter (mm):  4-12x / 40 Optimum Bullet Caliber: N/AReticle Type: BDCWarranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty While lots of Nikon products are good for specific rifle and bullet types, the ProStaff 4-12x40 is an affordable offering, geared towards both pro and rookie-going-pro marksmen/hunters who want a general purpose scope that goes with several different rifle/bullet combinations.The 4-12x zoom and 40mm lens diameter provide a clear image of the target at medium to long ranges, and the multi-coated optics ensure up to 98% light transmission, which means you’ll be able to sight your prey even at sunset and sunrise. However, you should note that the 4x minimal zoom means this scope isn’t the best for close range engagement.The scope comes with a Quick Focus eyepiece which provides ample eye relief, so you don’t have to worry about recoil even when you’re using a bullet caliber / rifle that is bound to introduce it.The BDC reticle lets you hold your target dead-on even at distant ranges, and when used with the Spot On program provided by Nikon, makes it possible to get a direct hit on target the first time too! The Spot On program requires you to input a number of parameters and returns optimum subtension values for your situation. The adjustment controls, which allow for accurate ¼ MOA adjustments, produce positive clicks as your turn the dial, giving you direct feedback as you’re perfecting your shot.Even at its affordable price, the ProStaff 4-12x 40 is exceptionally well built: it is nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed to make it both water- and fog-proof, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Pros 4-12x 40mm optics optimized for medium-to-long range encounters.Multi-coated optics for up to 98% light transmission.Rugged construction in spite of low cost.Intuitive adjustment controls.BDC reticle compatible with Spot On technology. Cons Not suitable for close range shooting. Recommended For: An affordable offering, geared towards both pro and rookie-going-pro marksmen/hunters who want a general purpose scope that goes with several different rifle/bullet combinations. Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50 SF Matte Advanced BDC Mag. Range / Lens Diameter (mm): 4-16x / 50 Optimum Bullet Caliber: N/AReticle Type: BDC w/ wind compensationWarranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty no reviews yet The Monarch line has been designed to provide superior, versatile performance with a wide variety of rifles, calibers and bullet velocities. This Nikon Monarch 7 rifle scope review covers the 4-16x50 SF Advanced BDC variant: in a nutshell, with this scope, you can pretty much expect unbeatable performance regardless of the weapon/bullet combination you’re using.The fully multi-coated optical system ensures optimum light transmission, even at dusk and dawn, and the 4 to 16x zoom lets you get a detailed picture of the target at a wide range of distances. The 30mm main tube made from aluminum alloy yields a lightweight and sturdy structure, and the larger internal lenses it incorporates produce a wider field of view. The larger tube also gives more headroom for elevation and windage adjustment.The scope’s Advanced BDC reticle isn’t just designed to compensate for bullet drop - it also has windage marks to the right and left of the main sighting post that allow you to compensate for wind: by default, these marks are optimized for 10mph crosswind at a 100 yard or 200 yard zero. When used with the Spot On technology offered by the manufacturer, this reticle ensures a perfect lock on your target no matter what weapon and ammo you’re using.The Monarch Eye Box Technology incorporated into this product delivers a high-res, bright picture while also giving you plenty of eye relief, so your brow is safe even when you’re using a recoil prone weapon. Spring loaded instant zero reset turrets and a side focus parallax adjustment allow you to fine-tune your shot right before you take it, to maximize the chances of a successful hit. Pros Exceptionally well built to withstand rough usage.Combination of 50mm wide ocular lens, multi-coated optics, 30mm main tube, yield crystal clear image.Advanced BDC reticle has crosswind compensation as well as bullet drop compensation.Compatible with Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match program.Eye Box Technology ensures plenty of non-critical eye relief.Works with a wide range of rifle / bullet combos. Cons Extremely expensive.Not suited for hunting at very close ranges. Recommended For: In a nutshell, with this scope, you can pretty much expect unbeatable performance regardless of the weapon/bullet combination you’re using. Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40 Rimfire Matte BDC 150 Mag. Range / Lens Diameter (mm):  3-9x / 40 Optimum Bullet Caliber: .22LR RimfireReticle Type: BDC 150Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty This offering is geared towards hunters that utilize Rimfire ammunition, specifically the .22LR and are looking for a dependable scope for close to mid-range hunting. The 3-9x zoom, combined with the 40mm lens and multi-coated optics, ensures a clear image even in rather difficult lighting scenarios, at ranges that are expected from .22LR ammo.The scope has a 150 yard BDC reticle that has been marked for .22 LR bullet trajectories, but you can use the Spot On program to acquire subtensions for different ammunition as well. A spring loaded adjustment knob allows you to rapidly zero-in and reengage in the field. The adjustments themselves are precise to ¼” and provide a tactile positive click response, making it an intuitive experience.The ProStaff 3-9x40 has an eyepiece that ensures consistent, ample eye relief – unfortunately, the latest model has lost the quick focus adjustment feature that was present in its previous iteration. The scope has been O-ring sealed and nitrogen filled to make it fogproof and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about adverse weather conditions. At its remarkably low cost, you’d be concerned about poor quality, but the scope is backed by a solid lifetime warranty which indicates the manufacturer’s trust in their product. Pros Intuitive adjustments and rapid zero reset.Up to 98% light transmission thanks to multi-coated optics.3-9x zoom suitable for close to mid-range hunting.BDC reticle optimized for .22LR Rimfire ammo.Remarkably affordable yet backed by solid warranty.Waterproof/fogproof. Cons Not suitable for long range engagements.Current model doesn’t come with a quick focus adjustment feature. Recommended For: This offering is geared towards hunters that utilize Rimfire ammunition, specifically the .22LR and are looking for a dependable scope for close to mid-range hunting. ConclusionHaving gone through this guide, you will now have a better idea of the sheer multitude of what Nikon has to offer. It’s tough to choose a winning product from such a diverse lineup, particularly because rifle scopes are designed for very specific applications in most cases.That being said, the best Nikon rifle scope I’ve come across is the Nikon 4-16x42 M308 BDC 800; even though it is optimized for .308 REM / 5.56 NATO ammo, it's balanced price makes it tough to pass over, especially since the Spot On program lets you acquire numbers to make it work with other bullet calibers as well. It has a 4x to 12x zoom and a 42mm lens dia. which makes it suitable for the vast majority of ranged encounters.Plus, the custom M308 mount included with it gives you 20 MOAs worth of additional elevation adjustment, besides what the adjustment controls offer by default. Lastly, the quality one-piece main tube design, and the limited lifetime warranty backing the product, make it as reliable as it is effective.Once again, this may not the ideal scope for everyone: beginners may favor the more affordable options from the ProStaff line, while the consummate professional willing to spend big bucks may go for high end Monarch scopes. However, this particular scope provides a balance between quality and price that is pretty hard to beat.

Winchester Gun Safe Reviews

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Contents1 Winchester Gun Safe Reviews1.1 Top 5 Winchester Gun Safe Comparisons1.1.1 Legacy 441.1.2 Silverado 261.1.3 Big Daddy1.1.4 Ranger 191.1.5 Tactical1.2 History1.3 Features1.3.1 Industry Standard Burglary Protection1.3.2 Fire Protection1.3.3 Made In The USA1.3.4 Affordability1.3.5 Warranty1.3.6 Customization1.4 Top Winchester Gun Safes Reviews1.4.1 Legacy1.4.1.1 Legacy 441.4.1.2 Legacy 531.4.1.3 Pros1.4.1.4 Cons1.4.2 Silverado1.4.2.1 Silverado Silverado 401.4.2.3 Silverado 511.4.2.4 Pros1.4.2.5 Cons1.4.3 Big Daddy1.4.3.1 Pros1.4.3.2 Cons1.4.4 Ranger1.4.4.1 Ranger Ranger 311.4.4.3 Ranger 421.4.4.4 Pros1.4.4.5 Cons1.4.5 Tactical1.4.5.1 Pros1.4.5.2 Cons1.5 Conclusion Winchester Gun Safe ReviewsA gun company that produces its own line of gun safes shows its commitment to providing its customers with complete solutions for caring for their firearms. Winchester is a gun maker that has a reputation for quality when it comes to their firearms, but their gun safes are also worth a look. I’ve put together this guide to familiarize you with the features of their incredibly affordable product line, along with some relevant Winchester gun safe reviews.Top 5 Winchester Gun Safe ComparisonsModelGun CapacityVolume / cfWeight / lbsBolt ConfigurationPriceRatings Legacy 4451 long gun43.81387 lbs4 way / 16 / 2’’$$$$$ Find Out More Silverado 2626 long gun26869 lbs3 way / 12 / 1.5‘’$$$$ Find Out More Big Daddy48 long gun36.5803 lbs3 way / 14 / 1.5“$$$ Find Out More Ranger 1922 long gun19.4506 lbs3-way / 12 / 1’’$$ Find Out More Tactical34 total (12 long guns / 22 hand guns)30.5730 lbs3 way / 13 / 1”$$$$ Find Out More History Winchester is a name that any gun collector will have heard of - starting out in 1866 in New Haven, Connecticut, it was named after the company’s biggest stock owner, Oliver Winchester. Soon after its formation, the company’s name became tied intrinsically to the stories and legends of the American Frontier thanks to its revolutionary repeating rifle, and it earned the title of ‘The American Legend’. From its humble beginnings, the company has gone on to produce several famous firearms and ammunition lines, as well as survival gear such as knives, scopes, binoculars, and of course, gun safes. Winchester gun safes have had a rocky history - their original offerings were marginal, their website was broken, and their customer service was non-existent on telephone lines. 2011 saw them act on consumer complaints to improve their service, but the safes still left something to be desired. By 2012, they had improved their safe designs to better steel gauges, and had added generally spruced up their website.Now, in 2016, both their website, and their incredibly large lineup of safes, exude an incredibly solid, professional aura, and the features they offer in their gun safes, and the prices they offer them at, are some of the best in the industry.FeaturesHere are some features of Winchester’s products which stand out in particular:Industry Standard Burglary ProtectionWinchester Gun Safes are made from 12 ga. or thicker steel, with large dead locking bolts, pry-resistant tabs, steel hinges, and strengthened doorjambs to give burglars a really hard time getting to your prized gun collection. 12 gauge is, incidentally, the standard requirement for weapon safes. Continuous seam welding, instead of spot welding, is employed to ensure structural integrity.Every Winchester safe is certified as a residential security container (RSC) from Underwriters Laboratories - in fact, Winchester was the first manufacturer to secure this prestigious certification. Furthermore, the Sargent & Greenleaf locks used in their safes are also UL certified to be mechanically secure or EMP-resistant, as applicable.The gun safes have also been certified as a California DOJ firearm safety device.Fire Protection Winchester gun safes are fire resistant up to 1400F temperatures, for a 45 minute to 2.5 hour period, depending on the exact model. I always recommend that you stick with a minimum of 60 minutes of fire resistance - thankfully, most of the products from Winchester fit this criteria.To achieve their robust fire resistance, Winchester uses thicker fireboard layers, in greater numbers. The door hinges on the gun safes are external, which means the fire insulation doesn’t have any breaks in it (this is required by internal hinges). The presence of breaks results in direct heat transfer to the inside of the safe in the event of a fire, which can compromise the prized possessions stored inside. Winchester also incorporates a Palusol® heat expandable seal in all their safe doors, which expands to 6x its original size when exposed to thermal extremes. This means that in case of a fire, the contents of the safe are completely sealed off against the heat and smoke.Made In The USA Winchester has recently started producing several (but not all) of their gun safes at Fort Worth, Texas. To do so, they revamped their manufacturing process to meet the highest standards of quality, through advanced automation.In their own words, this required the investment of millions of dollars into state-of-the-art facilities and machinery. The end result: it takes around 2.2 minutes to get a Winchester gun safe ready for use, from scratch! Affordability Winchester gun safes are quite cheap for their features (advanced fire ratings, thick locking bolts, UL rated steel construction and locks, lifetime warranty and curbside delivery), as compared to the rest of the industry. While this may have something to do with the fact that they don’t use steel thicker than 10 gauges (which is still quite thick by the way), the fact that they manufacture a considerable portion of their products in the US also plays a major part in keeping their prices down. Personally, I think this places Winchester ideally as the brand of choice for the budget minded gun collector who wants a quality safe to keep their weapons protected from fire and burglary. However, it would be great if Winchester could offer an extra heavy duty safe line with 7 gauge steel thickness.Warranty All gun safes from Winchester come with a limited lifetime warranty - they will replace / repair your safe if it becomes damaged due to fire or burglary during its lifetime - this includes curbside delivery in case of a replacement. They also offer to send a free safe cracker to open your safe if it malfunctions.The locks present on these safes also come with a 2 year warranty against flaws in workmanship and materials. If you’re willing to part with some extra cash, this warranty can be lengthened to 9 more years. Customization The interior of Winchester weapon safes are reasonably customizable, with the owner having the ability to adjust the compartments to suit their collection. You should know that this is pretty standard fare - not the kind of extreme modifications allowed by some high end brands. However, Winchester offers a wide range of add-on accessories including lights, dehumidifiers, silica gel cans, bolt down kits, door panel organizers and so on. Top Winchester Gun Safes ReviewsThe Winchester lineup in 2016 includes Bandit, Ranger, Defender, Tactical, Treasury, Silverado, Legacy, Big Daddy and a special 150th Anniversary Limited Edition.Almost all of these categories are sturdy enough to provide ample protection to your firearms, but I’ve chosen some of their offerings based on factors such as construction strength, fire safety and pricing which makes them most relevant to the average gun owner’s requirements today. Legacy Legacy 44 Legacy 53 Gun Capacity: 51 long gunVolume / cf: 43.8 Fire Rating: 2.5 hours / 1400FSteel Gauge: 12Weight: 1387 lbsBolt Configuration: 4 way / 16 /2" Gun Capacity: 51 long gunVolume / cf: 52.5 Fire Rating: 2.5 hours / 1400FSteel Gauge: 12Weight: 1616 lbsBolt Configuration: 4 way / 18 /2" This gun safe line is as good as it gets with Winchester. Available in two models - the Legacy 44 and Legacy 53 (both with a 51 long gun capacity) - this line bears a whopping 2.5 hour / 1400 F fire safety rating, which is enormous even by the standards set by higher end brands.This is possible thanks to the four layers of fireboard it has for its body and ceiling, and five for the door, as well as a double Palusol® heat seal layer. A 1/4‘’ inch steel outer plate composite door construction further enhances the safe’s thermal resistance.As far as burglary protection goes, the 10 gauge steel outer body, the composite steel door, and 4 way locking bolt system with solid 2‘’ steel bolts (18 in total) provide ample fundamental protection. The lock is protected by a drill resistant hard plate and a titanium disk, and an auxiliary relocker system is implemented as backup.The gun safe line has its own Power Docking System with 2x110V power outlets and 2x USB outlets. It comes with an LED light kit and an accessory door panel to further enhance its storage capacity. You can choose between an S&G Mechanical Lock, and a UL Listed Electronic Lock for these gun safes.My only complaint with this product line is that it doesn’t come in more sizes - at present, it’s only suitable for people who have (or intend to have) a rather large collection of firearms.For its price, the Legacy gun safe line from Winchester offers some seriously cool features, which would cost you considerably more coming from other manufacturers. Pros Premium quality features at a very economical price.Ultra high 2.5 hr /1400F fire rating.Enhanced lock and door protection features. Cons Only available in two sizes, geared towards larger gun collections. Recommended For: Highly recommended if you want a robust, completely reliable safe that gives you great value for the money.Legacy Click For More Information Silverado Silverado 26 Gun Capacity: 26 long gunVolume / cf: 26 Fire Rating: 2 hr / 1400FSteel Gauge: 10Weight: 869 lbsBolt Configuration: 3 way / 12 / 1.5‘’ Silverado 40 Gun Capacity: 48 long gunVolume / cf: 40.3 Fire Rating: 2 hr / 1400FSteel Gauge: 10Weight: 1188 lbsBolt Configuration: 3 way / 14 / 1.5‘’ Silverado 51 Gun Capacity: 48 long gunVolume / cf: 50.8 Fire Rating: 2 hr / 1400FSteel Gauge: 10Weight: 142 lbsBolt Configuration: 3 way / 18 / 1.5‘’ The Silverado is the next best thing to the Legacy line for a number of reasons: It’s a bit less expensive, it offers more variety in its sizes, and it retains most of the premium features of the Legacy series, so those with a smaller gun collection should consider it if they think it infeasible to splurge on its pricier sibling.Silverado gun safes come in three models (according to size): Silverado 26, Silverado 40 and Silverado 51. All of them are rated to withstand 1400F temperatures for 2 hours thanks to the generous use of fireboard and Palusol(R) insulation by the manufacturer. Note that this product line does not have a 1/4‘’ composite door construction like the Legacy lineup.In terms of construction, these safes use 10 gauge steel, and come with the same lock and door protection as Legacy does. The bolts are a bit shorter though, at 1.5’’ and only effectively lock in 3 directions, but that’s about the only major difference. Both mechanical and electronic locking systems are supported, and accessories such as DPO, LED kit, and Power Docking System are all part of the package. Pros Provides premium features and choice of sizes.Economically priced.Excellent lock and door protection.1400F / 2 hour fire protection. Cons Composite door isn’t as strong as Legacy line.Bolts are only active in 3 directions rather than 4. Recommended For: So those with a smaller gun collection should consider it if they think it infeasible to splurge on its pricier sibling. Click For More Information Big Daddy Gun Capacity: 48 long gunVolume / cf: 36.5 Fire Rating: 75 min / 1400FSteel Gauge: 12Weight: 803 lbsBolt Configuration: 3 way/ 14/ 1.5"Price / $: 1829.99 This gun safe is a pretty unique offering Winchester - it is only available in a single size: 36.5 cubic feet that holds up to 48 long guns, and is fire resistant for 75 minutes to a 1400F blaze, at a very cheap price. How does it manage to do so you may wonder, the answer to that lies in its thinner 12 gauge construction and a slightly reduced number of fireboard layers.In order to provide a solution for gun owners who want a place to keep their firearms essentially secure without spending much cash, Winchester decided that it would be wisest to move a couple gauges up to save expenses on the steel construction.This lets them keep other security features such as titanium disk and hard plate protection for the lock, auxiliary relocker, 1.5‘’ bolts and 3 way locking etc. It’s an interesting take, but I would like to point out that this decision effectively ensures that the Big Daddy isn’t a safe bet in situations where heavy duty protection against brute force attacks is required.You can still choose between a mechanical and electronic lock, but the accessories also take a decided hit to keep the cost down, with only a single power outlet and a DPO provided by default. Pros Very affordable price.Effective fire protection at 75 minutes/ 1400F.Solid burglary protection features.Suitable for large gun collections Cons Not recommended for heavy duty protection.Only available in a single size.Meager free accessories. Recommended For: Solution for gun owners who want a place to keep their firearms essentially secure without spending much cash Click For More Information Ranger Ranger 19 Gun Capacity: 22 long gunVolume / cf: 19.4 Fire Rating: 60 min / 1400FSteel Gauge: 12Weight: 506 lbsBolt Configuration: 3-way / 12 / 1’’Price / $: 1289.95 Ranger 31 Gun Capacity: 39 long gunVolume / cf: 30.5 Fire Rating: 60 min / 1400FSteel Gauge: 12Weight: 700 lbsBolt Configuration: 3-way / 13 / 1’’Price / $: 1796.50 Ranger 42 Gun Capacity: 42 long gunVolume / cf: 41.7 Fire Rating: 60 min / 1400FSteel Gauge: 12Weight: 848 lbsBolt Configuration: 3-way / 15 / 1’’Price / $: 2345.00 The Ranger series is the cheapest offering from Winchester that I would recommend as a safe to hold your valued firearms. It has been rated able to withstand a 1400F temperature for 60 minutes (thanks to the use of fewer layers of fireboard in its construction), which is the main reason why I say it’s as cheap as you should go to ensure reasonable safety in common thermal emergencies – anything lower than that will collapse rapidly if the temperature went higher than 1400F.The 12 gauge steel body construction meets the minimum security ratings, and the bolts used are only 1’’ thick, which again, means that you shouldn’t employ it for securing ultra-sensitive items e.g. rare gun collections that could attract thieves. Still, it is impressive that the manufacturer manages to pack the same advanced lock protection features present in the pricier models, and you still have a choice between mechanical and electronic locks!Naturally, with a product line this cheap, you wouldn’t expect lots of free accessories, and sure enough, the Ranger line comes with just an accessory door panel, adjustable shelving and auxiliary shelf covers. Thankfully, when it comes to size options, the Ranger series has three distinct models: Ranger 19, which supports up to 22 long guns; Ranger 31, which supports up to 39 long guns; and Ranger 42, which supports up to 42 long guns. Pros Extremely cheap.Packs advanced lock protection features for its price point.Decent choice of sizes.Made in the USA. Cons Fire protection won’t do in extreme thermal emergencies.Bolt size and 12 gauge construction isn’t the most secure combination. Recommended For: I would only recommend this safe to you if budget is a major constraint, and you’re not going to be storing any high value item inside it. As an additional piece of advice, don’t get this safe if you live in a house made primarily from wooden / flammable materials. Click For More Information Tactical Gun Capacity: 34 total (12 long guns / 22 hand guns)Volume / cf: 30.5 Fire Rating: 60 min / 1400FSteel Gauge: 12Weight: 730 lbsBolt Configuration: 3 way / 13 / 1”Price / $: 2264.99 The Tactical gun safe has been crafted specifically for modern gun enthusiasts. Its interior has been designed to be highly customizable, and it comes with several different modding accessories at a very reasonable price.In terms of basic fire protection and burglary proof features, this gun safe is quite similar to the Ranger line, with a fire rating of 1 hour at 1400F, a 12 gauge steel construction and 1’’ steel locking bolts in a 3-way configuration. Furthermore, it has 16 gauge solid steel wall panels which lend it further strength.It also has the advanced lock protection features, such as a hard plate and a titanium disk, found on its pricier siblings. An auxiliary relocker is in place to provide backup in case the original lock is compromised. A standout feature is the S&G Spartan lock that it incorporates – this lock has been certified as Electro Magnetic Pulse resistant.In terms of storage capacity, this safe can hold as many as 34 guns: by default, the interior is setup to hold 22 handguns and 12 long guns. You can customize this setting with extra accessory mounts to enable it to store even more. The 24’’ x 43’’ PALS webbing door panel incorporated into the Tactical gun safe fully supports MOLLE-compatible accessories. By default, the safe comes with 12 laser-cut moveable rubber-coated barrel rests, 2 quick-grab pistol racks that can hold as many as 22 pistols, 4 single peg gear hangers and 2 dual peg gear hangers. Pros Superb tactical features at very affordable price.Configured for readily accessible weapons storage.Door panel fully supports MOLLE accessories.Comes with various customization accessories.Spartan Electronic Lock is EMP resistant.Made in the USA. Cons Limited to a single size.Fire safety and burglary protection is little more than adequate. Recommended For: Basically, this safe is for the modern day gun collector who wants an affordable solution for not only securing their collection, but also for having it ready for action at a moment’s notice. Click For More Information ConclusionHaving gone through the guide and the several reviews I’ve included, you will have noted that Winchester is trying to send a very clear message to the gun safe industry: that you can pack solid core protection as well as a whole host of premium features into a gun safe without excessively bearing down on the end user’s pocket.Now, I understand that there isn’t any perfect gun safe that will suit everyone’s needs, but as far as the Winchester lineup goes, the Silverado series comes pretty close to being the best Winchester gun safe around right now. It provides solid burglary and fire protection features, as well as premium security features such as titanium disk and hard plate lock protection, auxiliary relocker, and massive locking bolts, at a price that doesn’t hurt the average gun owner’s wallet. And not just that, it comes in 3 different sizes, so you can buy a product that matches your anticipated gun storage requirements.All in all, it is refreshing to see a manufacturer actively addressing its clientele’s concerns to improve its products and services by enhancing diversity, affordability and customer experience year after year.

Best Browning Gun Safe

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Contents1 Best Browning Gun Safe Reviews1.1 Top 5 Browning Gun Safe Comparisons1.1.1 Platinum Plus-591.1.2 Medallion-401.1.3 Hunter-371.1.4 Sporter-91.1.5 Mark IV-261.2 Value Section1.2.1 History1.3 Features of Browning Gun Safes1.3.1 Fire Safety1.3.1.1 High Gauge Steel1.3.1.2 External Hinges1.3.1.3 Thermoblock Interlocking Design1.3.2 Construction Strength1.3.2.1 12-Gauge Steel Or More Guaranteed1.3.3 Locking Mechanism1.3.3.1 Uni-force Locking System1.3.3.2 Omni-barrier Lock Protection1.3.3.3 Pry-stop Bolts And Tabs1.3.3.4 Locking Options1.3.3.5 4 Way vs 3 Way Bolt Direction1.3.4 Warranty1.3.5 Storage1.3.5.1 Axis Shelving System1.3.5.2 Optional Shelf Add-ons1.3.5.3 Duo-Plus Storage System1.3.6 Pricing1.3.7 Aesthetic Customization1.3.8 Made In The USA1.4 Browning Gun Safes Reviews1.4.1 Custom Collection Safes1.4.2 Platinum Plus1.4.2.1 Platinum Plus-591.4.2.2 Platinum Plus -521.4.2.3 Platinum Plus -431.4.2.4 Pros1.4.2.5 Cons1.4.3 Medallion1.4.3.1 Medallion-621.4.3.2 Medallion -481.4.3.3 Medallion -401.4.3.4 Medallion- Pros1.4.3.6 Cons1.4.4 Custom Collection Safes1.4.5 Hunter1.4.5.1 Hell’s Canyon-481.4.5.2 Hunter-371.4.5.3 Hunter- Pros1.4.5.5 Cons1.4.6 Sporter1.4.6.1 Sporter – The Beast1.4.6.2 Sporter- 411.4.6.3 Sporter-331.4.6.4 Sporter- Sporter- Sporter- Sporter- Pros1.4.6.9 Cons1.4.7 Sporter1.4.8 Black Label Safes1.4.9 Mark IV1.4.9.1 Mark IV-371.4.9.2 Mark IV- Pros1.4.9.4 Cons1.5 Conclusion Best Browning Gun Safe ReviewsKeeping your weapons in a safe place, free from the dangers of theft, fire and misuse is an essential part of owning them. If you want the absolute best in terms of weapon storage, what better place to look for a gun safe than a manufacturer with a history of developing and innovating top-notch weaponry itself?Browning ProSteel gun safes are exactly that, but since their diverse lineup has well over a dozen offerings, it may be hard to pick the right one for yourself, especially if you haven’t purchased a gun safe before. I’ve created this guide to get you up to speed on the features present in these gun safes, and I’ve also included some popular Browning ProSteel gun safe reviews, to help you make an informed choice with this manufacturer.Top 5 Browning Gun Safe ComparisonsModelVolumeGun CapacityFire RatingSteel Thickness / gaugePriceRatings Platinum Plus-5966 / tall extra wide59 gun120 Minute / 1750F7$$$$$ Find Out More Medallion-4040 / wide43 gun110 Minute / 1700F10$$$$ Find Out More Hunter-3737 / wide43 gun90 Minute / 1680F11$$$ Find Out More Sporter-99 / compactN/A60 Minute / 1400F12$$ Find Out More Mark IV-2626 / wide29 gun100 Minute / 1680F11$$$$ Find Out More Value SectionHistory Browning is a company famous for their iconic firearms - founded in 1879 by John Moses Browning, the company expanded from a single shot rifle to several different weapons and eventually to a whole range of outdoor and indoor gear such as knives, flashlights, shooting garments, and (you guessed it) gun safes.The gun safes are manufactured by a division known as Browning ProSteel, and true to the parent company’s 137 year old reputation, they have superb strength and fire protection features, and come with aesthetic and practical customization options that can’t be matched by industry competitors. Features of Browning Gun SafesFire Safety Browning has focused on fire safety to an unrivaled degree - the Thermoblock technology found in their gun safes, combined with other flame resistant features, ensures up to 3x better fire resistance as compared to the competition.Even with their lower-end products, a fire safety of around 1200F for an hour is guaranteed at the minimum. Personally, any product that guarantees a fire protection rating for that long is good enough in my book. Features that enable these safes to have such decent fire resistance include: High Gauge SteelThe manufacturer has used high thickness steel to ensure that the body doesn’t distort under heat, which would result in heat entering the safe through gaps. Continuous welding is employed to minimize flexing. External HingesAnother unique feature of Browning Gun safes is their external hinges, as opposed to the internal hinges used by most other manufacturers. The latter require the removal of fire safety material to be attached, which can leave gaps in the fire protection of the product. By employing external hinges, these gun safes ensure that your precious weapons will be unscathed in a fire for that much longer. In case you’re worried that these external hinges may be more exposed to attacks from intruders, don’t be: special door locking bolts are in place to secure the door in case the hinges are cut off. Thermoblock Interlocking DesignThis technology utilizes layers of thick fire insulation that are arranged in an interlocking pattern so that gaps that could lead to rapid temperature rises inside the safe are minimized. Construction Strength As far as core security goes, ProSteel gun safes are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (R) to hold their own against tool based attacks, performed by professional safe crackers. Their ability to withstand these attacks stems from their thick steel body, special Pry-Stop Locking Bolts, and advanced lock protection: 12-Gauge Steel Or More GuaranteedCompared to the competition, which occasionally resorts to 14 Gauge steel to keep things economical, all ProSteel gun safes utilize 12 gauge steel at the lowest – this is considerably thicker than 14 gauge, and enables the products to achieve the Residential Security Container certification by UL; for you, it means unbeatable protection against brute force attacks. Other features found in Browning gun safes include Duo Formed Door (which means the safe doors are fabricated from different steel layers to enhance strength), 1’’ Formed Door (a door designed with a robust steel face as well as reinforcement panels to keep your weapons safe from blunt attacks, and Reinforced Door Frame (a return flange is incorporated into the door opening to secure it against pry attacks). ​Locking Mechanism ProSteel gun safes incorporate one or more of the following features (depending on the price), to provide you with ultimate protection against physical, tool-based burglary attempts. Uni-force Locking SystemHigh end ProSteel gun safes utilize a locking mechanism known as ‘Uni-Force’, which employs strong cam locks as well as a diversion bar system to keep handle or bolt pressure from compromising the lock – they take on the brunt of the force applied by the intruder to keep the lock unscathed. Omni-barrier Lock ProtectionA combination of steel components and steel hard plate has been put in place to secure the lock from push, punch and drill based attacks. Pry-stop Bolts And TabsBolts are strategically placed around the safe door at the vulnerable corners to keep them safe from pry attacks. Furthermore, the end bolts are 2.5x longer than regular bolts and strengthened with steel angle iron to keep them from bending due to prying. Protective tabs are also present alongside the top / bottom bolts as well as the inside of the door to further enhance the safe’s resistance to pry attacks. ​A Close Look At Browning Gun Safe Security Locking OptionsBrowning lets you choose from three different locking systems: S & G mechanical lock, S & G electronic lock and SecuRam biometric lock, for most of their ProSteel safes. 4 Way vs 3 Way Bolt DirectionYou may be a bit confused about these two features – 4 way bolts found on pricier ProSteel modes, and 3 way bolts present in their less expensive offerings. Basically, 4 way bolts are present on all four sides of the door: top, bottom, left and right, which provides greater security against burglary attempts. 3 way bolts are present on the top, left and right sides of the doors to provide security to the most vulnerable points of the vault door, leaving the bottom side exposed. Still, a thief would find it incredibly hard to compromise the bottom side with a regular crowbar!It can be safely said that a burglar attempting to break into a Browning gun safe would have to get past nightmare-grade security, which may be deterrent enough for all but the most foolhardy criminal. Warranty Browning Gun Safes are covered by a solid warranty that states that the manufacturer will cover the cost to repair / replace your safe in case it gets damaged because of a break in or due to a fire. This includes covering shipping charges for a new safe if needed. Storage ​The manufacturer has incorporated several patented interior designs into their gun safes to make them almost endlessly customizable, to suit your weapon collection. Axis Shelving SystemThe most prominent among these innovations is the ‘Axis shelving system’. This is a modular storage system that allows you to modify the interior of the gun safe for maximum storage / convenience / protection. Optional Shelf Add-onsIf you want to customize your gun safe even further, you’ve got the option to purchase separate shelves that are fully compatible with the Axis shelving system. I have to admit, I’ve seen this kind of modularity in weapons such as the AR-15, but never before in gun safes. Duo-Plus Storage SystemThis modular expansion system consists of door mounted racks to provide extra space for storing longer firearms, as well as pockets and pouches to store handguns and ammunition. The DPX system comes built into most Browning Gun safes. A particularly nifty feature of the DPX system is the Scope Saver, which lets you store scoped weapons in a way that they don’t occupy the extra space they normally do. Since the scope goes into the door space, the actual firearm doesn’t take more room than an unscoped weapon. Plus, it keeps your scope from being damaged because of bumping that may occur while storing/removing it from regular rack locations. ​ PricingThe manufacturer shows a clear understanding of the fact that their consumers have diverse financial backgrounds, and have created products to match a wide range of price points, ranging from $1000 to well above $7000. Even with their least expensive gun safes, they have maintained a standard of quality that few can match in the industry.Winchester also incorporates a Palusol® heat expandable seal in all their safe doors, which expands to 6x its original size when exposed to thermal extremes. This means that in case of a fire, the contents of the safe are completely sealed off against the heat and smoke. Aesthetic Customization​As a gun owner myself, I understand how important it is that all your accessories represent your taste in firearms – gun safes are no exception: I was pleasantly surprised, then, when I had a look at Browning’s Custom Collection safes. Not only did they allow for a wide range of exterior colors / textures, but you could also choose from well over a dozen unique sceneries to have silkscreened on their front! Made In The USA​Many of us are particular about where our purchases get manufactured. Sometimes this is purely superstitious, while at others, it does make sense. In the case of critical (not to mention pricey) products such as weapon safes, I’ll have to say it’s the latter. China may be improving its industrial quality assurance practices, but there is still a chance of defects there. This why it’s a huge plus that Browning ProSteel products are guaranteed to be made in the USA, according to standards that can be relied on. Browning Gun Safes ReviewsBrowning safes are divided into several categories, based on aesthetics, functionality and price. Within each safe series from Browning, there are several different models available based on size and gun storage capacity. While all of Browning’s offerings offer exceptional strength and fire safety, I’ve chosen a few that are the most meaningful for the modern day gun owner.Custom Collection SafesThe Custom Collection Safes are, according to the manufacturer, their most popular category of gun safes. They incorporate all the top features offered by ProSteel, with additional customization options primarily focusing on aesthetics. Platinum Plus Platinum Plus-59 Volume (cf) / form factor: 66 / tall extra wideGun Capacity: 59 gun Fire Rating: 120 Minute / 1750FSteel Thickness / gauge: 7 Platinum Plus -52 Volume (cf) / form factor: 52 / tall wideGun Capacity: 43 gun Fire Rating: 120 Minute / 1750FSteel Thickness / gauge: 7 Platinum Plus -43 Volume (cf) / form factor: 43 / wideGun Capacity: 43 gun Fire Rating: 120 Minute / 1750FSteel Thickness / gauge: 7 To this end, it packs all of ProSteel’s premium technologies such as ThermoBlock, Pry-Stop Corner Bolts, DPX, Axis shelving and so on. But what’s more, you’re also able to choose from a wide range of coatings, and graphic scenes to make the product your own. Besides the standard mechanical and electronic locking options, you can also opt for a biometric locking system for added security.The Platinum Plus line comes in a 66 cubic feet tall extra wide size that holds 59 guns, a 52 cubic feet tall wide size that holds 43 guns, and a 43 cubic feet wide size that holds 43 guns. Pros Best in terms of features and looks.Customize safe appearance by adding graphic scenery to the face.Wide range of sizes to accommodate any kind of gun collection.Luxurious interior. Cons Extremely expensive. Recommended For: This line of Browning safes is designed to give you the best in terms of fire safety, theft protection, and utility, as well as a plethora of options to customize its looks to suit your taste.Platinum Plus Click To Find Out More Medallion Medallion-62 Volume (cf) / form factor: 62 / tall extra wideGun Capacity: 59 gun Fire Rating: 110 Minute / 1700FSteel Thickness / gauge: 10 Medallion -48 Volume (cf) / form factor: 48 / tall wideGun Capacity: 43 gun Fire Rating: 110 Minute / 1700FSteel Thickness / gauge: 10 Medallion -40 Volume (cf) / form factor: 40 / wideGun Capacity: 43 gun Fire Rating: 110 Minute / 1700FSteel Thickness / gauge: 10 Medallion-28 Volume (cf) / form factor: 28 / standardGun Capacity: 29 gun Fire Rating: 110 Minute / 1700FSteel Thickness / gauge: 10 Featuring a 10 gauge steel construction, Medallion gun safes have a 110 minute fire rating at 1700F, and come with Thermoblock, DPX, Axis, Duo-Formed Door, 4-way bolt direction – the works. By bringing the steel thickness down from 7 to 10 gauges, ProSteel has made the product affordable for consumers, providing a sweet balance between reliability, economy and customization.If you were tempted to buy a Platinum Plus gun safe because of its customizability, but couldn’t find the dough for it, the Medallion line is definitely worth a look. It has all the customization options of its pricier sibling but at a significantly reduced cost. In fact, Browning Medallion gun safe reviews from buyers have praised the value they’ve got for their money, in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.The Medallion series has the following sizes available: 62 cubic feet tall extra wide (holds 59 guns), 48 cubic feet tall wide (holds 43 guns), 40 cubic feet wide (holds 43 guns), and 28 cubic feet standard (holds 29 guns). Pros Customization and premium features, at a reduced cost.4 different sizes to choose from.Cedar paneled and simulated leather interior for luxury. Cons 10 gauge steel is thinner than 7 gauge steel, hence less durable. Recommended For: Providing a sweet balance between reliability, economy and customization.Medallion Click To Find Out More Custom Collection SafesThe Core Collection series is geared towards gun owners who wish to have the basic features that make Browning gun safes so dependable, but not the extra bells and whistles which up their price. Hunter Hell’s Canyon-48 Volume (cf) / form factor: 48 / extra wideGun Capacity: 65 gun Fire Rating: 90 Minute / 1680FSteel Thickness / gauge: 11 Hunter-37 Volume (cf) / form factor: 37 / wideGun Capacity: 43 gun Fire Rating: 90 Minute / 1680FSteel Thickness / gauge: 11 Hunter-26 Volume (cf) / form factor: 26 / standardGun Capacity: 29 gun Fire Rating: 90 Minute / 1680FSteel Thickness / gauge: 11 The Hunter gun safe models have an 11 gauge steel construction, and all the fundamental protective / utilitarian features of Browning safes i.e. Thermoblock, DPX and Axis shelving. However, the manufacturer cut some corners to make them more affordable.Instead of the 4 way bolts found in the more expensive gun safes, it has 3 way bolts - and the Duo Formed door has been replaced by the 1‘’ formed door. The Hunter series gun safes also lack most of the customization features found in other models, and you won’t have a biometric lock option. In spite of this, the Hunter Series carries 90 minute / 1680F fire rating which is more than enough. Basically, if you want sturdy protection at a reasonably affordable cost, this one is a fine candidate.You can choose from a 48 cubic feet extra wide model, aka Hell’s Canyon (65 gun capacity), 37 cubic feet wide model (43 gun capacity), and a 26 cubic feet standard model (29 gun capacity). Pros Reliable protection at a very affordable price point.Variable sizing lets you choose a model to suit the size of your collection.Front of the gun safe bears exquisite logo / symbol. Cons Not as strong as pricier models.Few customization options.Can’t opt for a biometric locking mechanism. Recommended For: Basically, if you want sturdy protection at a reasonably affordable cost, this one is a fine candidate.Hunter Click To Find Out More Sporter Sporter – The Beast Volume (cf) / form factor: 40 / extra wideGun Capacity: 56 gun Fire Rating: 90 Minute / 1680FSteel Thickness / gauge: 12 Sporter- 41 Volume (cf) / form factor: 41 / tall wideGun Capacity: 56 gun Fire Rating: 60 Minute / 1400FSteel Thickness / gauge: 12 Sporter-33 Volume (cf) / form factor: 33 / wideGun Capacity: 40 gun Fire Rating: 60 Minute / 1400FSteel Thickness / gauge: 12 Sporter-23 Volume (cf) / form factor: 23 / standardGun Capacity: 25 gun Fire Rating: 60 Minute / 1400FSteel Thickness / gauge: 12 Sporter-20 Volume (cf) / form factor: 20 / standardGun Capacity: 23 gun Fire Rating: 60 Minute / 1400FSteel Thickness / gauge: 12 Sporter-15 Volume (cf) / form factor: 15 / closetGun Capacity: 19 gun Fire Rating: 60 Minute / 1400FSteel Thickness / gauge: 12 Sporter-9 Volume (cf) / form factor: 9 / compactGun Capacity: n/a Fire Rating: 60 Minute / 1400FSteel Thickness / gauge: 12 The Sporter series is the most economical solution across all of Browning’s long gun safe product lines. Made from 12 gauge steel, the fire safety rating is 60 minutes at 1400F (with the exception of the ‘Beast’ model, rated at 90 minutes / 1680F because of its huge size), which may seem a bit low compared to the other models, but is ample as far as fire protection goes in general.Besides the thinner 12 gauge steel, the Sporter line does away with 4 way bolt direction in favor of 3 way, and has a 1’’ formed door instead of a duo-formed door, just like the Hunter line. The Axis shelving system is replaced by a Cantilevered Modular Shelving system, which is still quite functional.The great thing about this economically priced offering is the variation in sizes it provides: there’s a 40 cubic feet extra wide ‘Beast’ model capable of holding 56 guns; a 41 cubic feet tall wide model that holds 56 guns; a 33 cubic feet wide model with a 40 gun capacity; a 23 cubic feet standard model that can hold 25 guns; a 23 cubic feet standard model which can contain 23 guns; a 15 cubic feet closet model that’s able to hold 19 guns; and a 9 cubic feet compact model designed to contain pistols and ammunition. Pros Vital protection from theft and fire.Extremely affordable.Huge range of sizes to choose from. Cons Considerably weaker than higher end ProSteel models. Recommended For: All in all, an excellent choice if you want crucial fire and theft protection for your weapons at an exceptionally affordable price, and/or a healthy number of options in terms of gun capacity.Sporter Click To Find Out More Black Label SafesThese safes are geared towards customers who favor tactical firearms over standard weapons, and intend to use them frequently instead of keeping them locked most of the time. Mark IV Mark IV-37 Volume (cf) / form factor: 37 / wideGun Capacity: 43 gun Fire Rating: 100 Minute / 1680FSteel Thickness / gauge: 11 Mark IV-26 Volume (cf) / form factor: 26 / wideGun Capacity: 29 gun Fire Rating: 100 Minute / 1680FSteel Thickness / gauge: 11 The Mark IV is one of the two tactical offerings from Browning ProSteel (the other being the cheaper Mark III). This gun safe sports an 11 gauge body and has Pry-Stop End Bolts instead of the stronger Corner Bolts, but other than that, it is pretty much as strong as most of the pricier gun safes from the manufacturer.The gun safe features a tactical handle that allows you to rapidly access its contents when they’re needed most. There’s also a gear loft atop the safe to store items that you’ll frequently use. Staying true to its minimalistic theme, the safe has few customization options and only supports an electronic locking mechanism.The Mark IV is available in a 37 cubic feet wide size that accommodates 43 guns, and a 26 cubic feet standard size that accommodates 29 guns. Pros Economical, reliable and surprisingly spacious for its size.Tactical handle for easy access.Top mounted storage system for holding frequently used items. Cons Not as strong as top-of-the-line models.Limited size options.Limited customization options. Recommended For: The gun safe features a tactical handle that allows you to rapidly access its contents when they’re needed most.Mark IV Click To Find Out More ConclusionThe Browning gun safe reviews in this guide don’t cover half of what ProSteel has to offer - doing that would only make things confusing since the manufacturer tends to play around with their feature mix to create products to suit many different consumers based on many different factors. I’ve covered the ones I found most relevant to today’s gun owners, and hopefully, you’ve got a better idea after going through them, about the kind of features to expect from ProSteel gun safes.I won’t go so far as to claim any specific product to be the best Browning gun safe on the market right now; ultimately, the quality of a gun safe can only be measured in terms of how well it caters to the needs of the gun owner, since those needs can be quite subjective, we can’t crown any one model as the universal best.That being said, in my opinion, the Medallion lineup from the Custom Collection seems to be the most balanced in terms of the features it provides and the price-tag it comes with. The 10 gauge steel it’s made out of isn’t the thickest used by Browning but it does bring the price down, while maintaining a 110 minute / 1700F fire rating which is still more than decent.The Medallion line incorporates most other top-end ProSteel features which further enhance its performance with regards to theft prevention and fire protection. Besides having a nice range of sizes to match your arsenal, whether big or small, the Medallion lineup also supports all the customization options the Custom Collection is famed for – including a variety of finishes and silk screened sceneries.

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Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Review

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Contents1 Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Review1.1 What is the Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40?1.1.1 What We Liked1.1.2 What We Didn't1.2 Features & Benefits1.2.1 Optimum Light Transmission1.2.2 4 to 12x Zoom1.2.3 Patented BDC Reticle1.2.4 Easy Adjustment Controls1.2.5 Water and Fog-proofing1.2.6 Quick Focus Eyepiece 1.2.7 with Generous Eye Relief1.2.8 Economy1.2.9 Aesthetically Appealing and Practical Design1.3 Alternatives1.3.1 Leupold VXII 3-9X 40mm1.3.2 Viper 6.5-20X 50 PA riflescope1.4 Conclusion Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Review When you’re out hunting in the field, having the right gear can make all the difference between lining up the perfect shot and letting your quarry escape. A rifle scope is one of the most crucial parts of any professional marksman’s arsenal, and also potentially one of the most difficult to select (especially for rookies). That is why I’ve decided to put together this detailed Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 review, to introduce you to one of the most versatile, reliable and affordable scopes I’ve come across.What is the Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40? Part of Nikon’s ProStaff series, the 4-12x40 BDC scope is a medium-to-long range rifle scope designed to serve both in competitions and in the field. It boosts a 40mm lens, diverse magnification, excellent recoil protection and remarkable light transmission, backed by Nikon’s renowned warranty of quality and reliability. As such, this product has been praised by both competitive marksmen and hunters alike for its consistent performance over a wide range of target distances and in varied lighting conditions. What We Liked Excellent light transmission. Convenient spring loaded zero error adjustment controls. BDC reticle lets you take shots further down range. Ruggedly constructed for rough field usage. Economic price point. What We Didn't Not for close range combat Features & Benefits Optimum Light Transmission Thanks to its multi-coated optical system, the scope ensures as much as 98% light transmission, a feature unheard of in most products in its price range. This results in a crisp, clear picture of the target regardless of the prevalent lighting situation. As attested by many of its users, this makes it a lot more convenient to make shots at dawn and dusk / in cloudy weather. 4 to 12x Zoom The 4x to 12x magnification of this scope ensures deadly accurate shots in the medium to long target ranges. The 40mm lens ensures an FOV of at least 7.3ft at a 100 yard distance, even at the highest magnification. Patented BDC Reticle With its BDC reticle, the scope enables you to lock ‘dead-on’ at your quarry at distances that were not previously possible. The reticle has special see-through ballistic circles that make it easier to compensate for bullet drop in the field for far-off targets, without obstructing your view at closer ranges (where you’ll be aiming with the crosshair directly) as much as solid dots would. I must point out, though, that the BDC reticle isn’t the best choice if you’re going to be shooting at close ranges most of the time – it makes it make it more difficult to track your target because of all the space the compensation circles occupy on the scope. Easy Adjustment Controls The scope bears a precise, 1/4-MOA spring loaded adjustment knob with a positive-click that lets you zero in on the target with ease, even as you’re taking a shot or the weapon is recovering from recoil! I found the positive-click feature quite admirable because of the tactile feedback it provides in the field as you make the adjustments. Water and Fog-proofing The scope has a nitrogen-filled, O ring sealed construction that ensures total waterproofing and eliminates the risk of the scope fogging up from the inside. Consequently, you can use this product reliably in wet / humid weather without any fear of damage. Quick Focus Eyepiece with Generous Eye Relief In order to help you acquire your target quickly, the 4-12x40 BDC scope has a quick focus eyepiece. The eyepiece has a 3.7’’ eye relief that should ensure the safety of your brow even when you’re shooting from a light, recoil-prone rifle; or using high recoil rounds; or aiming from awkward angles. Economy Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of this scope is that it packs premium quality features while remaining budget friendly. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who are going from amateur to pro, and want a solid yet low-risk investment for their hunting rifle. Aesthetically Appealing and Practical Design The matte-black finish on this rifle scope isn’t just there to give it a lean and professional look – it reduces light reflection in field situations, so you can get reasonably close to your quarry without giving away your position thanks to a poorly timed reflection! Furthermore, the hand-turn controls have been given a protective cap, and the casing is shock- and dust-proof to make the scope withstand intensive usage. Alternatives The Nikon ProStaff 4-12X is doubtlessly an excellent budget friendly yet professional grade scope, but you may find it hard to adjust to its BDC reticle (particularly in close quarters), in which case, I would recommend the Leupold VX-2, which will be more convenient at shorter ranges with its smaller lower zoom limit and classic duplex reticle, while providing the same excellent light transmission and precision as the ProStaff. Leupold VXII 3-9X 40mm If you’re primarily interested in extra-long range encounters and have some cash to spend, you should seriously consider the Viper 6.5-20X 50 PA riflescope - it has up to 20x magnification power, and a wider 50mm lens diameter, which ensures optimum light transmission at distances greater than the ProStaff can handle. Viper 6.5-20X 50 PA riflescope ConclusionCasual gun enthusiasts and marksmen often refrain from getting more serious about their hobby because of the costs involved in securing professional grade hardware. With the Nikon ProStaff 4-12x 40 rifle scope, you can mark one item off that list: Nikon has managed to provide premium features such as 98% light transmission, tactile adjustment controls, rugged and dependable field performance, and a professional aiming reticle, at an unmatched price.All in all, it is an excellent purchase for the budget minded professional marksman / hunter. Click here to view out its technical specifications, and find out what other consumers have to say about.

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Is My Rifle Scope Broken?

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When a rifle scope can’t be accurately sighted, it is common for owners to make the assumption that the scope is broken. The most likely issue is that the scope has run out of adjustment, and now it will no longer sight in. It is important to understand that when this happens, the scope, itself, […]

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Best Red Dot Sight Reviews 2015

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Having purchased your first AR-15, you’ll be wanting to tweak and enhance it with upgrades – and a red dot sight is one of the first things any pro will suggest you go for. Of course, as with everything related to sophisticated firearms, there’s a catch – the market is flooded with many different models […]

Common Rifle Scope Problems

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A common nightmare for any target shooter or deer hunter without a doubt is scope problems. Without a properly functioning scope, the shooter's aim can vary significantly. This affects whether or not a deer is hit and how close to the target the shooter lands. In the following paragraphs you will find some of the most common rifle scope issues and some suggestions for correcting them. 

Scope Shift

Nikon P-223 3-9x40 Mate BDC 600 Scope shift is perhaps the number one problem with rifle scopes. This is also referred to as point-of-impact, or POI shift. POI means the relationship between where the shooter is aiming or sighting and the destination where the bullet actually hits. When there is a noticeable discrepancy, then POI shift has occurred. Ironically, this is not an issue with the scope itself, yet a user problem. Often, POI shift is experienced by new scope owners; although, some veteran shooters may find themselves in the same boat if they begin using their scope in a new way. 

Spring Guns Only

For this type of gun, the top reason lies in the manner in which the gun is held. Because of the delicate and sensitive nature of spring guns, group impact sometimes is moved many inches when operated at close range. Due to the vibration patterns of this sensitive system, it is vitally important to remedy this issue by acquiring a holding style and repeating it each and every single time the gun is shot. 


Parallax is the most common reason for rifle's scope shift. Again, it is not the scope that is responsible for this movement, but the inconsistency of the shooter. Sometimes new shooters will discover the parallax correction adjustment, or AO wheel, and figure they can focus on the target with no problems after a quick turn of this wheel. This is not the case. Parallax involves 3 different places so there will always be some parallax. These 3 places are the reticle, target and line between your eye and them.  A good scope can correct this problem for the most part; however, the issue is more relevant for a target shooter than a hunter. For example, a pellet landing .4 inches from its intended mark is a disappointment to a target shooter, whereas a deer hunter doesn't mind if he hits the fourth or fifth rib of the deer as long as it makes contact. 

Elevation Adjustments Probably the next biggest reason for scope shift is seen when the elevation is adjusted too high. There is an erector tube, where the reticle is etched, and it can move creating a "floating" appearance. This happens because tension of this tube relaxes when elevation is too high and it is no longer able to firmly hold between the adjusted action screw and springs. Correcting this can be done by simply not adjusting the reticle too high. 

Shooting at Different Ranges

Another misconception when shooting is that once the mounted scope has been leveled, everything is ready to go. Depending on the range used, the scope may need adjusted. The reticle must have optical centering. Even though this is generally too small to be detected by the naked eye, the barrel of the rifle practically never gazes in the same direction as the scope itself. 


If you find your rifle tilting to one side or the other, this might be your problem. This occurs when groups are moving .5 inches - .75 inches. Check out the B-Square level to fix this issue since it sticks out and is ambidextrous making it easy-to-use.  With all of the scope problems out there, be sure to check your handling. The more consistent hold, the less problems you will likely experience. Make adjustments as necessary, but don't over do it. Get a grip and save it in the memory bank to make every shooting expedition the best it can be.